Humanitarian projects

The children in the Limete community, a poor fisherman community near the Congo river, are often deprived from regular (and recognized) education because there parents are financially unable to cover the school cost or because of there social background.
USAID, Save the Children, the Rotary Club and a catholic congregation called "Les filles de Jesus" wanted to create a safety net for those children. They wanted to built a school that reduces illiteration and provides basic education to those children with the possibility to have then integrated later on in a regular school. The main focus is alphbetisation and basic education but also teach those children a real profession . Given the fact that many of them would not continue to advanced studies in the regular schools, they wanted to provide those children with a true knowledge on how to work with their hands. Knitting courses are the most common in the school and most students that leave the school find jobs as textile workers.
The foundations of what is now "Le Centre d'Alphabetisation" was built in 2001 by this group of organizations . In 2009, Soeur Crescence, a cameroonese came to the congregation. Nowadays she is the principal of the school. About 310 children are in 9 classes, there ages between 9 and 25. The classes are well maintained, teachers proud to teach in the centre and Soeur Crescence maintains a good discipline amongst the children. Ms Davin and Louis started to support this orginization a few years agoo and continue to do so untill now.
Soeur Crescence explains the facts and figures.
The centre is recognized by the ministry of education but receives no support. The UK division of the congregation provides financial support for salaries of the sisters and personnel, sporadic gifts keep the school alive and able to buy the basic needs (schoolmaterial).
20% of the children continue studies paid either by there parents or sometimes the congregation. (About 10 to 15 children are supported each year)
30% of the children stop after the basic education but continue to find jobs because of the practical courses the centre provides (knitting)
50% remain with basic level of education but do not do anything without it.
The school provides uniforms.
The social situation of the children remains difficult as the organization is not equipped as shelter.
Many of the children have no parents and live with there grandparents or family. A considerable amount live even on the streets in the Limete community without any parental guidance let alone some love!
The congregation try to help were possible and for children without any financial support they try to give some food at lunch.
At the break at 10 o'clock, we meet the children on the playground and they show us there own small store of the school where they can buy small snacks at reduced prices. When soeur Crescence throws a (1, one!) ball in the crowd of 300 children all hell brakes loose and I witness the first football game with 300 in stead of 22 players!
How can you help?: 

Always try to contact Ms Davin or Soeur Cressance to advise them of your comming and to ask them of they have any specific needs at that time. We can support the school be sending all availbale school materials. (This will be covered by back to school). The nearby village can use clothes for the kids and basic supplies like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.

Local contact

Contact Centre d'Alpabétisation :

Soeur Crescence: +243 811845132

Local support by expad community:

Ms Liliane Davin: +243 999988014

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