Humanitarian projects


Kids for Uganda is a Belgian, non governmental organisation, for development aid and development cooperation.

The children of Uganda have captured our hearts and minds, because of the ever-increasing number of orphans, the persistent conflict in the northern part of the country and the growing threat of AIDS they face.

In Belgium :

  • organizing working holidays in Uganda for young people
  • presentations in schools and youth centres;
  • fundraising and awareness events
  • information booths are regularly made available at all sorts of events, e.g. Christmas markets, trade shows, open door days, etc.

In Uganda:

  • focus is on carrying out education and health care programmes
  • Kids for Uganda helps primarily in the construction, renovation and equipping of schools and hospitals 
How can you help?: 

Your financial contribution is much appreciated.

IBAN: BE36 3300 5858 1081

Local contact

Stef De Feyter  (

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